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Short Core Composing Machine

The short core veneer composer ( also called core veneer jointing machine/ core veneer splicing machine ) is mainly used for the production of plywood : three-ply board,sandwich board, LVL,floor substrate, furniture plywood, building film face plywood, container plywood, Melamine Faced Board etc. It can also be used for the horizontal splicing of rotary cut core veneer with the thickness of 1.0-4.0mm, this changed the traditional manual decking technology and makes plywood decking unitized and automatically.

Working principle
Core veneer (1.0-4.0mm thickness) after drying may have different length and thickness , and may some with irregular shapes, this machine can detected the width ,thickness, cavities of the veneer, and have them trimmed, glued, spliced, cut to length and stacked automatically, with this machine, customized veneer of different sizes can be composed.

Plywood Planking Machine
Plywood Core Veneer Paving Line

1. PLC computer control, one-person operation, process automation save labor
2. with thickness and holes detection sensors can high improve veneer quality.
3. High-precision detection, to minimize the amount of shear
4. Servo precise positioning, veneer jointing no overlay, no gap
5. Special high-strength wire, enhance product longitudinal tensile strength and flexibility
6. one machine can composed 4ft*8ft veneer,4ft*4ft, 4ft*6ft,3ft*7ft,3ft*6ft,3ft*4ft and so on



Knife  Length 2700mm 1952mm 1350mm
Working Length 600-1300 600-2560 600-2560
Working Width 1950mm-2560mm 1620mm-1857mm 600mm-1270mm
Working Thickness 1.2mm-4.0mm 1.2mm-4.0mm 1.0mm-4.0mm
Veneer Feeding Speed 24m/min 28m/min 32m/min
Glue Blending Point 30 20 15
Total Power 28kw 24kw 22kw
Machine Size 5.5m*12m 404m*12m 3.2m*12m
Machine Weight 12500kgs 10000kgs 6000kgs
Package Size 110m³ 90m³ 60m³

Plywood Paving Machine

General Questions

Expert engineer and mature technology, professional after-sales service team , all main parts adopt international famous brand parts. Mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, and so on.
20 years, we have in plywood woodworking machines, such as fully automatic peeling production line, veneer drying line, veneer composing lines veneer paving line, cold press, hot press, automatic sanding line, full automatic edge cutting machine/dd saw machine and also plywood materials...etc.
Yes, Engineer available for installation and maintenance and on line service by wechat/whatsapp. machine warranty for 12 months, and long life time for technical supporting and repairing supporting
Yes ,all machine by our company with  ISO 9001-2000. CE available if needed.
Yes, this OEM service is available, also color of machines will be up to customer's selection also the production