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Putty Machine

Putty machine for plywood and blockboard

Product application
The putty machine has been working to solve putty flatness for wood block board(aminated wood board), lumber core, plate board,  melamine boards. The usage of this putty machine can overcome the low work efficiency ,poor quality, raw material waste and unfavorable factors cased by the manual putty work.

Main features
1. The putty process with  good flatness, fully putty, no gaps on the block board or other wood plate.

2. High efficiency. Can be processed within 5 seconds, up to 800 sheet of wood plate per hour, each putty machine can saving 160 artificial for working 8 hours each day.

3. This equipment is mainly used for the process of block board, core block board, finger joint board, plywood, building templates and a variety of other wood plate to be processed. This equipment has been proven for 10 years, with stable performance, can processed around 30 million sheet of plate.

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NO. Name Specification/Model Quantity Unit
1 Putty machine CNZL SX1-4, 5.5KW 1 Set
2 Calibration conveyor 250MM, 0.75 KW 1 Set
3 Board feeding machine  vacuum sucker,


1 Set
4 Lifts Hydraulic; steel plate thickness 30mm,


1 Set
5 Work platform 3500mm*3000mm 1 Set
6 Mixer 1100mm; large bucket,5.5KW 1 Set
7 Transition frame 2000mm*1300mm 1 Set
8 Closing rack 4000mm*1800mm*2300mm 1 Set
9 Glue pump 40Glue pump,1.5kw 1 Set
10 Platform stairs Standard stairs 1 Set
11 Control cabinet Taiwan Dongyuan electric appliance 1 Set

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General Questions

Expert engineer and mature technology, professional after-sales service team , all main parts adopt international famous brand parts. Mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, and so on.
20 years, we have in plywood woodworking machines, such as fully automatic peeling production line, veneer drying line, veneer composing lines veneer paving line, cold press, hot press, automatic sanding line, full automatic edge cutting machine/dd saw machine and also plywood materials...etc.
Yes, Engineer available for installation and maintenance and on line service by wechat/whatsapp. machine warranty for 12 months, and long life time for technical supporting and repairing supporting
Yes ,all machine by our company with  ISO 9001-2000. CE available if needed.
Yes, this OEM service is available, also color of machines will be up to customer's selection also the production