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Plywood Core Veneer Paving Line

The Paving machine adopts the hydraulic computer frequency conversion automatic technology, and the automatic cutting function of the fixed length is applied for the national patent. It is suitable for multi-layer boards, building templates, furniture boards. Its advantages are cost reduction, material saving, labor saving, easy management, environmental protection, noise, etc., suitable for large-scale factory operations.

1. Plywood planking machine is used for multi-board, building formwork and furniture board. The benefit is to reduce cost, save materials, use less people, easy to manage, no noise.
2. plywood boarding machine to make decorative wood-based panel technology has been one step ahead, it can be divided into sawing and cutting type, 5mm-100mm can be cut.
3. can be divided into 18 meters long, 24 meters, 30 meters, 36 meters, etc. can be divided into sawing and sickle.

Plywood Planking Machine
Plywood Core Veneer Paving Line


Length of Conveyor 24m/30m (customized according to capacity)
Conveyor Type Mesh belt / rubber belt
Power of saw 4KW
Power of conveyor 2.2KW
Stacking type Automatic stacking, with or without lift table (2types)
Feeding speed 0-50m/min (frequency adjustable)



Saving Raw Material – Veneer paving machine will cut the assembled core veneer in accurate size which setted in control display, 4*8ft or 3*6ft as your requests. Compare with normal paving table, it can save much core veneer during cutting part, and it is continuous assembling during whole work.

High Working Efficiency – Normally one worker  is in charge of one layer. To keep whole procedure work fluently, every work must work in high efficiency.

Worker Management – It is easy to check every workers working performance and efficiency, help manage workers.

Plywood Paving Machine

General Questions

Expert engineer and mature technology, professional after-sales service team , all main parts adopt international famous brand parts. Mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, and so on.
20 years, we have in plywood woodworking machines, such as fully automatic peeling production line, veneer drying line, veneer composing lines veneer paving line, cold press, hot press, automatic sanding line, full automatic edge cutting machine/dd saw machine and also plywood materials...etc.
Yes, Engineer available for installation and maintenance and on line service by wechat/whatsapp. machine warranty for 12 months, and long life time for technical supporting and repairing supporting
Yes ,all machine by our company with  ISO 9001-2000. CE available if needed.
Yes, this OEM service is available, also color of machines will be up to customer's selection also the production