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Plywood Cold Press

Cold press woodworking machine for plywood

Cold press machine is the auxiliary in plywood production line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of hot press and improve the quality of plywood before gluing board. Cold press machine belongs to the pressing machine. Cold press machine is mainly used to press the gluing veneer, so that make the initial shape, and then into the hot press machine to press. It is important to improve the quality of plywood, and it is an significant part. Cold press machine in general consists with the rack, fixed beam, moving beam, the plate device, cylinder and hydraulic system, electric control device components.

Advantage of our pr-press equipment
1.Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance and efficient pressing.
3.Emergency safety braking.

Plywood Automatic Hydraulic Cold Press for Woodworking Product Application
1. This machine is used for per-pressing process of making plywood, block board and decorative board.
2. The whole structure is designed and manufactured based on advanced international experience and new technological requirements.
3. The electric system and hydraulic system of the machine have been examined precisely and the free-beam will not fall by its own gravity with results assuring excellent quality.
4. The cylinder is made of super-hard metal, and the seal use low-resistance stepped gaskets, no leakage.

Plywood Planking Machine
Plywood Core Veneer Paving Line

DECRIPTION  400Ton top cold press  400T in down cold press 500T on top cold press  500T in down cold press  600T on top cold press
Frame plate thickness  30mm  30mm 30mm  30mm  30mm
Diameter of cylinder  320mm  320mm 360mm  360mm  400mm
Largest open   1500mm  900mm 1050mm  1050mm  1050mm
Control system   automatic  automatic automatic   automatic  automatic
Press  400T  400T 500T  500T  600T
Total weight 11 ton   13kw  13kw  5.5kw  5.5kw
Total power  7.5kw  13.5 ton  5.5kw  13 ton  15 ton


Hydraulic Plywood Cold Press Machine

It is also named cold press,it is necessary equipment for processing plywood,suitable for 3’x7’,4’x8’ plywood.

1. The hydraulic cold press work noise is small, fast lifting speed, strong pressure stability, low maintenance rate.

2. the whole structure is compact, beautiful atmosphere, stable performance, durable.

3. Because foreign voltage different our country’s voltage, most domestic manufacturers only change the motor, do not care about other electrical components, when clients using cold presser machine in his factory , the electrical components easy to have fever phenomenon , at last to burn down. Our cold presser will not happen.

4. Working quality to be good, pressing fast and efficient.

5. Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance.

Plywood Paving Machine

General Questions

Expert engineer and mature technology, professional after-sales service team , all main parts adopt international famous brand parts. Mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, and so on.
20 years, we have in plywood woodworking machines, such as fully automatic peeling production line, veneer drying line, veneer composing lines veneer paving line, cold press, hot press, automatic sanding line, full automatic edge cutting machine/dd saw machine and also plywood materials...etc.
Yes, Engineer available for installation and maintenance and on line service by wechat/whatsapp. machine warranty for 12 months, and long life time for technical supporting and repairing supporting
Yes ,all machine by our company with  ISO 9001-2000. CE available if needed.
Yes, this OEM service is available, also color of machines will be up to customer's selection also the production