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Automatic sanding line

1. One person operation, saving labor and time
2. Intelligent detection of sanding quality
3. Intelligent feeding, efficiency increased by 50%
4. On-line production, 50% less forklift usage

The main purpose

This machine is mainly used for the automatic production of sanding and polishing of all kinds of 2.5mm-30mm thick multi-layer plywood, fiberboard, wood board, laminated lumber and other man-made plywood; changing the original manual operation mode of sanding operation, thereby Realize sanding production automation.

Working principle

The precise positioning lifting mechanism is used with the intelligent feeding mechanism to complete the feeding operation of the sanding operation. At the same time, the wheel turning machine connects two sanding machines in series to complete the sand bottom and sand surface at one time, and the intelligent thickness and quality detector completes the thickness , Blistering and other quality defect detection.

Automatic Sanding Line

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Features and advantages
1. PLC intelligent monitoring, unmanned operation, simple operation
2. A variety of material reclaiming methods such as negative pressure suction cups and intelligent push plates, which are more adaptable
3. Driven by pneumatic or servo motor, stable and worry-free operation
4. It is more convenient to choose the models without mechanical lifting of foundation pit and foundation pit hydraulic lifting platform.

Product        NF series (free of foundation  pit)      F series (foundation pit)
Working length(mm) 1250~2500 1250~2500 1250~2500 1250~2500
Working width(mm) 1000~1300 1000~1300 1000~1300 1000~1300
Working thickness (mm) 2-25 (Negative pressure to sucking the board) 2-25 (Negative pressure to sucking the board) 2-25 (Negative pressure to sucking the board) 1-25 (Negative pressure to sucking the board)
Feeding speed (p/min) <8.5      <6     <8.5 <6
Total power (KW) 35.68 35.68 31.68 31.68
Lift mode Mechanical lift Mechanical lift Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic cylinder

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General Questions

Expert engineer and mature technology, professional after-sales service team , all main parts adopt international famous brand parts. Mitsubishi, Siemens, omron, and so on.
20 years, we have in plywood woodworking machines, such as fully automatic peeling production line, veneer drying line, veneer composing lines veneer paving line, cold press, hot press, automatic sanding line, full automatic edge cutting machine/dd saw machine and also plywood materials...etc.
Yes, Engineer available for installation and maintenance and on line service by wechat/whatsapp. machine warranty for 12 months, and long life time for technical supporting and repairing supporting
Yes ,all machine by our company with  ISO 9001-2000. CE available if needed.
Yes, this OEM service is available, also color of machines will be up to customer's selection also the production